Waxes: features and applications in comparison

Waxes: features and applications in comparison

Wax’s quality is crucial for the entire lost-wax casting process. Only with high-quality wax can we create precise and stable products which maintain their shape unaltered and do not break during the extraction from the rubber mold. Our waxes are a quality assurance, because they provide perfect shapes and optimized processes.

In Masterix, we produce different kinds of wax. Depending on the processing and the shape to be created, we select the wax with the most suitable features, especially considering fluidity, viscosity and mechanical resistance.

We wanted to be immediately recognizable in the Injection Wax market, so we decided to produce our waxes in a unique, drop shape. Our design has been registered in order to protect customers: they can easily recognize our wax from the wax of other manufacturers, who often pass it off as ours.

Extra Fluid Red

As the name suggests, Extra Fluid Red is an extremely fluid, flexible wax. It can even adapt to the more complex shapes, always remaining perfectly stable.

Extra Fluid Red is the perfect wax for jewels with intricate filigrees, where thin wires of gold or silver are shaped into delicate patterns.

Very complex shapes require a special wax, fluid and hard at the same time. As we’ve said in our analysis on the lost-wax casting process, the wax must be perfectly liquid to fill all the detailed carvings of the filigrees, but also resistant and hard enough to be easily removed from the mold with no breakage or deformation despite the complex design.

Universal Blu

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Universal Blu is the universal wax. Goldsmiths use it for a very wide range of jewels: the more elaborate, fine filigrees - where the precious metal is shaped in thin wires - as well as massive, solid objects. The first advantage of this wax is precisely its versatility. It can be used for widely differing casting processes and gives the chance to work non-stop, because there’s no need to change the wax.

Universal Blu has all the necessary features to realize top quality jewels. It is elastic and fluid, but also extremely resistant to breakage and thus ideal for jewels of every kind, from the filigrees to the more massive ones. 

Massive Green

Massive Green is a highly viscous wax, perfect for the production of massive objects with well-defined details. It is widely used for the creation of jewels with different sizes and shapes, but also for the high fashion accessories, like the details for the shoes or the logo of the most important brands on bags and belts.

Massive Green is the only wax that can be processed at low temperatures and this is a great advantage, since it drastically reduces the cooling times of the mold. Furthermore, this wax has a low shrinkage and perfectly maintains its original dimension even when exposed to heat.

Dark Diamond

Dark Diamond – the only one among our waxes that cannot be blended - is the ideal choice for settings because it is rigid, hard and resistant to breakage. It also has a good memory: the wax model is stable and its shape remains perfectly unchanged, with no deformation. Moreover, its dark color highlights the features of the injection.    

Setting - or mounting - consists in placing gemstones in the specific piece of gold or silver designed to hold the gem in place. This particular process needs a wax that maintains its original shape and resists changes and deformation.

Blending for top quality models

For the lost-wax casting process, we can choose between pure wax or blending in various proportions. Obviously, mixes with different proportions will have different texture and technical features.

Universal Blu + Extra Fluid Red

Extra Fluid Red can be added to Universal Blu to make the wax more fluid and thus produce thin or extra-thin models. This blending creates a unique wax, extremely flexible and yet very resistant. Thin and complex models can be removed from the mold without any breakage.

Universal Blu + Massive Green

If we add Massive Green to Universal Blu we obtain an elastic, viscous and hard wax. This blending is particularly used for the creation of massive objects with well defined details.

In conclusion, the quality of the wax is crucial for the lost-wax casting process. If the materials are not high-quality, we cannot expect precise models or an optimized production, especially if we aim to produce complex, elaborate shapes.

Our waxes, produced in our plant with state-of-the-art machinery, are the best performing on the market and represent the evolution of the traditional waxes for the casting process. The opportunity to choose between the different waxes and to blend them, moreover, guarantees excellent results for each specific production.