Masterix’s Technology

Masterix is a future-oriented company.

Innovation and the research for better automatic systems had a crucial role in our company history: these elements shaped our business.
Our products are chosen for this reason: we design high-end machines using cutting-edge technologies   thinking about our clients and putting them first.

Industrial production requires fast paces. The brands that chose us produce thousands of pieces per hour. There must be a substantial homogeneity between quantity and quality of pieces. In fact, they need many high - quality pieces.

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In order to meet these requirements, Masterix designed the Autostart system, a unique feature that quickly became one of the most interesting innovations in the field of lost wax injectors. It greatly simplifies the operators’ work, speeding up the production.

Autostart System (only available for MJ-01-C13A and MJ-02-C13A) allows to save up to 3 seconds per injection cycle.

A normal injector is able to produce 240 pieces per hour, to the tune of 1920 pieces a day.
An Autostart-equipped injector will produce 300 pieces per hour, to the tune of 2400 pieces a day.

Autostart system allows to eliminate waste and increase production, reducing operators mistakes. Autostart is equipped with an integrated hand protection sensor and a RFID R/W reader/writer.

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Clamps interchangeability is another unique Masterix’s feature : It allows to switch from high jewelry to costume jewelry in just a second.

Interchangeable clamps guarantee exclusive features.

  • A side clamp for enhanced visibility.
  • A vertically and horizontally oriantable self centering system.
  • An adjustable pin
  • Removable thicknesses
  • Easy parameters setting


Every injector is equipped with Ethernet connection via WIFI router for PC, Tablet or Smartphone connection , to acquire and transfer data from machines, in order to meet 4.0 Industry requirements.

The machines can be remotely controlled via internet connection. This allows to control both the machine and its parametres, ensuring assistance anytime anywhere in the world.

All our injectors were designed to work with independent mechanical and pneumatic blocks to make assistance and maintenance easy and fast, intervening on single groups.

We employs the best technologies to help our clients to reach ever better results.


Our tanks have a vacuum control system allowed by their high-performance pumps which remove air and humidity from the melted wax and prevent the formation of micro-bubbles.

They are made with thermally isolated aluminium , which keeps the temperature  uniform and allows a homogeneous wax melting.

It has a capacity of 4,5 Kg


The new penumatic- piston injection system with  continuos feedback control will guarantee:

  • Scraps elimination.
  • The elimination of the mould cutting point on the wax models.
  • Repeatability of models and pin-point precision.
  • Weight consistency throughout the injections.


High vacuum is directly made inside the mould by a high performance pump, that removes all of the air and eliminates micro bubbles in the waxes, making possibile to get the model’s exact replica.

Vacuum is electronically measure and automatically controlled, and the injection is not carried out until a 100% vacuum is reached. Operators will get perfect models, without scraps.


The side clamp was to designed to improve safety and get the operator a better visibility.
Interchangeability: It is possible to switch different size clamps.
Autocentering: It is possible to work both horizontally and vertically without using spacers.


The RFID Reader/ Writer allows to save all the work parameters and programs in the RFID Tags (microchips) that can be either placed over the mould surface using stickers or vulcanized inside the moulds.


7” Coulor Industrial Touch Screen with cable connection. Our touch screen is a reliable and long lasting display, designed for a continuous usage.


All of the models are available with ethernet connection to allow data acquisition and remote assistance. This service is internet - connected to offer a better and faster customer service worldwide.


The cover is made of steel, to ensure long durability. It has a mirroring frontal cover in front of the clamp, so that it is easy for the operator to see the nozzle hole in the mould.


The emergency button restores machines safety conditions. When pushed, the clamp returns automatically to its rest position, the machine cycle is arrested and the power supply  is stopped.


AUTO POWER-ON/OFF mode: it allows to set injectors activation and power-off time and date directly from the touch screen.
STAND BY MODE: After few minutes of inactivity the electronic components shut down, saving energy and extending the lifetime of components.


High vacuum and high performances pump that allows to remove air from the reservoir and humidity from melted wax. It eliminates all the air from the mould preventing the formation of micro-bubbles.