SMART Software

SMART Software adds to your Masterix Injectors many new features.

With SMART software you can:

  • Add models phots
  • Save infinite programs
  • Use Wizard Function
  • Use Multi-Work function
  • Work with a clear and simple system

SMARTis Masterix 4.0 software.
All the injectors are equipped with ethernet connection via router to gather and transfer data from machines to Pc,tablets or phones, following the guidelines of 4.0 industry.


MasterDB software allows to extract and send data to machines. It comes in a USB key that is supplied by Masterix.

MasterDB can :

  • Extract and send data to machines
  • Automatically or manually download daily/monthly/yearly stats in db or excel format
  • Send and control every set up and connected machine production orders.


MasterIMG is MasterDB free function..

MasterIMG  interacts with  Masterinject injectors, managing images associate the model that is to be done to the work program used by the machine.