MI-03, an automatic wax injector at high performance!

From always, specialized in the different sectors of industrial automation, electronics and software development, Masterix manufactures machines, able to optimize the production cycles at the highest level.

Our automatic wax injector, MI-03 (Link Video), directed at companies in the jewelry industry, is certainly a concrete example of advanced technology designed to improve, the phases of realization of the product.

Masterix Srl is the first company in the world to have developed and Patent Pending (link) an injector in a continuous cycle fully automatic, with injection of wax, loading, unloading and cooling of molds. A simple machinery to be used which will facilitate the user by increasing production to 400 pieces per hour and ensuring a substantial reduction of the production costs and waste.

Among the main characteristics that distinguish this machine:

- the possibility of use by two operators simultaneously, even non-experts;

- a color graphic touch-screen 4.3 " which to set the parameters of the machine;

- integrated RFID technology in the machinery, able to recognize and read automatically the parameters stored in the TAG microchips present in the molds;

- the new injection system with piston and feedback control of the pressure, provides repeatability and absolute accuracy, ensuring a constant weight for all the wax models made, and elimination of waste;

- the strong aluminum tank, isolated for a homogeneous melt and a uniform temperature, and under vacuum to remove all moisture and air from the wax. The special stainless steel cover, in addition, ensure high strength and durability.

- the wax reproduces perfect copies of the molds without bubbles or micro-bubbles, thanks to the high vacuum that removes the air inside the mold and which allows a faithful copy of the model in the mold;

Once the production process has been started, as you can see in the video attached, the operator simply remove the wax from the mold, and from time to time, re-stack the empty molds in dedicated (molds loader), where the machine fully automatically continue to charge, injecting, and finally cool the wax of molds.

Technology, of absolute quality, guaranteed by the use of materials, 100% Made in Italy, which will provide to your company ease, precision and high reliability.

For more information on the injector MI-03 and other Masterix products, see the brochure available on our website (Website) or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!