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Masterix’s Technology

Masterix’s a cutting-edge company

Technological reasearch, automation and innovation : these are the growth drivers that had a tremendous impact in Masterix’s story.
Our products are chosen because we have been designing state-of-the-art machines and using the most advanced technology with our customers in mind.

Economical / Productive advantages

Masterix’s Technology delivers technical, economical and productiove advantages.
Find out more and increase your production quality.

Our Services

Discover our services quality

Management and Connectivity

Connecting your injector to your IT Systems has never been so easy.

Remote Maintenance

We are always ready to help our customers. Wherever you are, we can get there.

Webinar & Trainings

Do you want to become an expert in the lost wax microfusion field using our machines ?
Ask for a training and become a master.


Would you like us to run a workshop in your factory? We are on hand.


Discover Masterix

Masterix S.r.l. was born in a garage in Arezzo, and represents an example of made in italy’s success and quality. Strengthened by a young, dynamic team, we are committed to reaching ever more satisfactory results year after year.

Why choosing Masterix

In Masterix we believe in relationships and work. Our core values are ethic and  accountability.
We are aware that  liability has a crucial role in our relations with stakeholders.

Our business area requires a continuous search for quality : we aim to empower our customers by giving them excellent tools. Masterix is committed to carrying on the values that made it a reference point for the people whom has served with passion.

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