Masterix in Isfahan Gold 2016, the report of trip in Iran!

A new international adventure for the staff of Masterix Srl. Our company has been protagonist of Isfahan Gold 2016, the Fair of the Jewels of Iran, scheduled from July 19th to 22th in Isfahan, populous city in the heart of Iran.

The trade of articles of jewelry in the Persian country is very flourishing and, until a few years ago, has covered most of the national production. Today, the jewelry market offers ample opportunities for commercial developments with our country. The absolute dynamicity that characterizes this working environment, can be measured in relation to the high number of retail stores present on all the national territory.

During the event have been exhibited, the best productions of the main reality of the jewelery industry, in addition to the latest generation machinery, and other innovative solutions in the field goldsmith, silversmith and jewelry.

The event was divided in four days that took place, in the hours from 18 am to 22 pm, except for the final day which saw the opening of the fair also the morning from 10 am to 13 am for managers of the sector, and the owners of the exhibiting companies.

For Masterix, specializing in the design and development of automatic wax injectors for making wax models in high definition, Isfahan Gold has a unique opportunity to demonstrate to the many visitors and customers the technologies and machinery of most successful, of our company. Highest quality productions, 100% Made in Italy, which in recent years have been able to capture the attention and investment of some most famous brands, of the jewelery and fashion.