To create inside-hollow 3D models, it is necessary to use a special wax with unique features : Idrowax.

The production with Idrowax offers many benefits compared to 3D printers resins, the most important of which is definitely the chance to produce large quantities of inside-hollow pieces in a very short time at low prices.

Nowadays this solution represents the best possible choice in the jewelry field, when it comes to producing inside-hollow pieces.

Discover the process of 3D inside-hollow pieces creation


Idrowax  has many undeniable advantages of considerable importance :

  • Production Accuracy.
    Details have a remarkable importance in high jewelry. Idrowax ensures perfectly reproduced models that will be likewise reproducible. Details will always come out clear.
  • It melts in water at lukewarm temperature.
    This feature makes easy to remove the wax after the process.
  • Completely atoxic wax.
    Our products is 100% atoxic. The operator is guaranteed a completely safe and nonpolluting product.
  • Wax models quality.
    Jewelers’experience tells us that the quality of idrowax models is unparalleled.


On the economic side, the main advantages are :

  • Shorter production times.
    It takes hour to a 3D printer to complete a piece. With Idrowax, inside-hollow pieces can be made in a few seconds.
  • Cost effectiveness.
    When it comes to medium to large production runs, idrowax allows large quantities to be produced cost-effectively.
  • Cheaper than 3D resins.
    3D printing resins prices are significantly higher compared to water-soluble wax prices.

Idrowax should be used at 72°C



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