The advanced technology of Masterix injectors

The advanced technology of Masterix injectors

Thanks to advanced technology, the lost-wax casting process is becoming increasingly efficient. In order to enhance the quality of finished products, avoid unnecessary waste and optimize production cycles, Masterix is constantly seeking the most innovative technologies in the fields of mechanics, pneumatics and information technology.  

Our injectors, which are only produced in Italy, can add value to all of clients - jewelry and goldsmith companies - thanks to their high production standard. Let’s take a look at their high-tech features and the advantages they bring to the entire production system.

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High vacuum pump to remove air from the tank

As we have already seen in our in-depth analysis about vacuum usage in the injection process, removing all the air from the injector's tank is crucial in order to avoid flaws and imperfections in the finished pieces.

The presence of air in the aluminum tank results in microbubbles within the wax. Consequently, the finished piece will have an imprecise shape or an irregular surface and cannot be delivered to the client. It will be necessary to melt the metal once again and start the process from the beginning, with a significant waste of time and materials.

Our high-performance high vacuum pump can remove all the air from the tank and the moisture created by the melted wax, preventing the formation of microbubbles.

Our injectors’ tank automatically controls and electronically measures the vacuum. Only if the vacuum level reaches 100%, the injection of wax and the subsequent steps of the lost-wax casting process are carried out.

Optimizing production requires vacuum in the rubber mold as well

In order to avoid errors and material waste, the silicone rubber mold must be completely free of air during the injection process.

Our high-vacuum pump works on the mold as well, removing all the air and preventing the formation of microbubbles. In this way, we can ensure the production of waxes that are an exact copy of the model and, consequently, the creation of perfect jewelry.

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A high-tech injection system

The high-tech injection system we have designed at Masterix can increase production while maintaining the highest level of quality.

The continuously retro-actuated control piston avoids waste and ensures perfectly repeatable finished pieces, with the utmost precision and consistent weight.

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Self-centering interchangeable side clamp: one injector, multiple combinations

In Masterix, we have designed a complete series of interchangeable clamps to make production even more efficient. The same injector can be used for very different production lines, achieving always excellent results simply by changing the clamps.

Available in five different models, two of which are specifically designed for larger molds, our interchangeable side clamps increase visibility during injection and therefore operator safety. They are self-centering both vertically and horizontally without the use of shims and their parameters are easily adjustable.

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Radio Frequency Identification: high technology serving injection

As we have already seen about the advantages of automatic injection compared to manual injection, RFID technology allows digital automatic identification

Basically, the automatic injector communicates with the RFID tag, which stores all the “recipes”, the injection-related data (quantity, duration, pressure), greatly facilitating the operator’s work.

Automatically, the adhesive tag on the surface of the mold or the PVC tag that is vulcanized inside the mold “tell” the injector the amount of wax to inject, the time and the pressure. In this way, the injection process is always perfectly repeatable without any possibility of error. 

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Connectivity anywhere with ease

All our injectors are available with Ethernet connection for data exchange - as we have just seen - and for remote assistance.

We define ourselves as a customer-centric company because our work aims at the highest levels of quality in production and greater business success for our clients. This implies constant and immediate support, only possible remotely. We have clients all over the world and a high-performance connection is essential to intervene promptly and save time and resources.

At the same time, our technology is intuitive and easy to use. Our injectors have a color touch-screen display, which  makes it extremely simple even for non-digitalized operators to select processes and monitor production phases.

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Energy saving to reduce unnecessary consumption

All our injectors are equipped with an Auto Power On/Off system that allows setting in and off times and day from the touch display with ease. Furthermore, thanks to the Stand-By Mode system, electronic components automatically turn off after a few minutes of inactivity.

The benefits are both economic and environmental. By cutting unnecessary consumption, we can limit the consumption of electricity and related costs. In addition, energy saving extends the life of electronic components.

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Safety first of all

Our injectors are equipped with an emergency button for immediate shutdown of the machine and  opening in the rest position. Operators always work under maximum safety conditions.

In order to increase safety and visibility of the nozzle hole in the rubber mold, Masterix machines have a stainless steel cover with a mirror finish. This cover not only improves visibility, and consequently safety for the operator, but also protects the injector from corrosion and extends its “life”.

Our injectors are second to none because they are designed to provide added value. Masterix machines have extremely sophisticated technology, both mechanically and informatically, and guarantee high-quality lost-wax casting processes.