Masterix lands in India: our travel diary

Still again a foreign commitment of great prestige for Masterix. Just in these days Simone is located in India, where he was doing, an accurate service of, technical support and training to our Indian dealer.

From the earliest days, Simone, has explained to company's sales people the operating functioning of our equipment and the special features that make them unique compared to competitors products.

His work is continued with a specific training for technicians of Western Enterprises in Mumbay, in order to provide all the competence to ensure that the machine works at its best, over the basic information for ordinary maintenance.

The weekend it was dedicated to the customer support, with visits to the establishments of some customers, which from long time working with our machines. These meetings are an important occasion of confrontation and improvement not only for customers but also for ourselves, thanks to the collection of feedback, opinions and suggestions, important for our continuous work of upgrading and improvement.

Simone has spent time also to companies interested in our products, which have been able to test in person our wax injectors, touching by hands the actual quality of our machines, 100% Made in Italy.

Even during the current week, we are sure, the opportunities to make known the name of Masterix Srl in Asia will not miss!

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