Choose, configure, and get a personalized quote!

Thanks to a renewed configuration feature, choosing among many accessories, it’s possible create the injector according to your needs, obtaining a timely personalized quote.
In the site, you will find the section "CONFIGURATOR" ( and the 3 models to choose: Materinject MI-01, Masterinject MI-02 and Masterinject MI- 03. A section created to meet the needs of the buyer, to establish a direct relationship between customer-company.
Starting from macro features up to the smallest specifications (step-by-step, you can insert clamps, injection pistons, display, pump), it’s possible to select accurately the ideal model, all equipped with photos and pictures that clarify the idea of the injector which is being create.
Once selected, with a few clicks you will receive a quote for the selected model, trying to ensure a dynamic and efficient service to save time and always give a customized product.
Go to the site or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. !