Hi-tech &
Common features
Tank robust and reliable

Tank with vacuum control through the use of a high performance pump that allows to eliminate all the air and moisture from melted wax avoiding the formation of micro-bubbles. Made of aluminum, thermally insulated from the environment, it maintains uniform temperature and allows the homogeneous melting wax. Capacity 4,5 kg.

The new piston injection system with continuously control feedback is able to ensure the increase of production, elimination of waste, the absence of coupling, absolute repeatability and accuracy of the models with a constant weight is between one injection and the other.

High vacuum created with an high performance pump, directly in the mould, allowing to remove all the air inside, eliminating the presence of bubbles and micro bubbles produced in wax and allowing the exact copy of the model in the mould. The vacuum is measured electronically and automatically controlled. If the vacuum does not reach 100%, the injection is not performed: the operator obtained, only perfectly successful models, eliminating the production of waste.
Side clamp

Side clamp for greater safety and better visibility. Interchangeable: you can replace different size clamps. Self-centering: both horizontally and vertically without the use of shims.
technology rfid

Reader and writer that allows to save all the working parameters (programs), in the TAG RFID (microchip) that can be positioned by adhesive on the mould surface or vulcanized inside the moulds. This technology allows a total repeatability of waxes and greatly facilitates the operator’s work.
touch screen

Color touch screen 7 “industrial-type for the work station with wired communication, reliable and durable for continuous use.

All models are available with Ethernet connection for the acquisition of data and remote support, available via the internet for a better and faster service guaranteed all over the world.

The machine cover is made of stainless steel for long life, characterized by a front cover of the clamp in mirror for better visibility of the nozzle hole in the mold.

Button to restore the safety conditions. Immediate opening in the rest position of the clamp, stopping the cycle of the machine and interruption of power supply.
energy saving

POWER-ON/OFF mode: allows you to set in the touch screen the time and day of the power on and the shutdown of the injector. STAND-BY mode: After a few minutes of inactivity the electronic components are turned off, conserving power and extending the life span of the same components.

High vacuum and high-performance pump, that allows to remove all the air from the tank and the moisture from melted wax, remove all the air from the mould, avoiding the formation of micro-bubbles.

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