Automatic Wax Injector
Masterix is a young company, founded in 2012, which is growing constantly all over the world, thanks to the support of its partners. Thanks to them, many big names in jewelery and fashion have introduced machinery, of the MASTERINJECT series inside their companies for the production of wax models in high definition.

Masterix strong of knowledge gained in various sectors of industrial automation, electronics and and informatics (software development) , designs and manufactures products that go to speed up, simplify and optimize the company productive cycles.

It is a concrete example the realization, and the registration of the patent, of the fully automatic injector MI-03 destined for the jewelery sector. This injector model differs from traditional injectors with belt system for its simplicity, compactness and speed.

Thanks to the development, design and manufacture of fully automatic systems, our machines are able to increase significantly the production of wax models.


Using the new injection systems, the waxes produced ensure high quality and consistency in weight between an injection and another. This repeatability and absolute accuracy, allowing the elimination of waste.


Our machines are fully designed and manufactured in Italy with Italian products, guarantee of simplicity, accuracy and reliability. We work with the best partners in the world to ensure a fast and immediate service to our customers.

made in italy

Thanks to our team that takes care of the hardware, software, production and use of Italian products, the Masterix can boast the true 100% MADE IN ITALY.

Masterix S.r.l.

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