High Technology
Automatic wax injectors
New injection system

Using a new injection system with continuous control feedback and realizing the vacuum with high performance pumps directly inside the mold, we are able to remove all the air and humidity from the mold, eliminating the presence of bubbles or micro-bubbles in the wax and recopying perfectly the shape of the model in the mold.
We are able to ensure an increase of production, elimination of waste, absence of coupling, repeatability and accuracy absolute of wax model made, whit constancy of weight between an injection and the other, even after a long time.
rfid technology

RFID tags allow the storage of all working parameters (recipes) inside the molds increasing and speeding up production. Allow repeatability and easy also with inexperienced operators.

energy saving

Auto Power-On\Off mode: possibility to schedule by touch screen the power-on and power-off of the machine at established time (week day and hour).

Stand-by mode: after several minutes of inactivity electronic components go in stand-by saving energy and extending the life of the components.

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